ConclusionsConclusions Thanks to the Web, We're Alone Together and Loving it

1 “Networked individualism” is difficult to understand because _____.
Dr. Wellman did not explain it.
It is a new concept.
There are many kinds of networks.
The words appear contradictory.

2 “Flesh-and-blood” social networks do NOT include _____.
colleagues at work

3 Which of the following situations is NOT a real-time interaction?
A neighbor asks to borrow something.
You get an email from your sister.
A friend calls you on the phone.
You have lunch with your boss.

4 The Pew study probably included _____.
less than 60 million people
exactly 60 million people
more than 60 million people
all North American adults

5 The Pew study confirmed that ____.
It is possible to be alone and connected at the same time.
“Networked individualism” is an incorrect concept.
People who use the Internet live in a make-believe world.
The Internet is the best place to get advice on careers.