Multiple ChoiceMultiple Choice
Thanks to the Web, We're Alone Together and Loving it

1 The Pew study was conducted in _____.
  The United States
  The U.S. and Canada

2 In this article, a network is a group of connected _____.
  radio or TV stations

3 Before the invention of the Internet, our connections with people took place mainly _____.
  in person
  by phone
  by letter
  by email

4 Which of the following has happened since the invention of the Internet and email?
  People are talking on the phone more than ever.
  Interaction through the computer has replaced a lot of person to person interaction.
  Americans are turning into hermits.
  Sixty million Americans have bought computers.

5 Which of the following was NOT one of the discoveries of the Pew study?
  The Internet has put us in touch with more people than expected.
  People use the Internet to get advice on careers, medical problems, and other questions.
  For many Americans, the Internet plays an important role in helping them make important decisions.
  “Internet addiction” is a growing problem among people who use computers.