Multiple ChoiceMultiple Choice
Three Strikes Law Failure

1 Both Leandro Andrade and Keith Barnard are serving time in prison for
  car theft

2 Who believes that the Three Strikes law should be applied even for nonviolent crimes?
  Keith Barnard
  The Justice Policy Institute
  Bill Jones
  Kamela Harris

3 According to Bill Jones, which of the following has not happened since the Three Strikes law went into effect?
  California has saved billions of dollars.
  The number of burglaries has gone down.
  There are fewer prison inmates than before.
  California has built new prisons.

4 What do opponents of the Three Strikes law believe?
  It does not deter crime.
  It is fair.
  It saves money.
  It will be changed in the next election.

5 According to the report, which of the following is true concerning people who are found guilty of three nonviolent felonies?
  They automatically go to prison for life under the Three Strikes law.
  They get a maximum prison sentence of 25 years.
  A judge can decide whether or not to use Three Strikes in sentencing the person.
  They are sent to special prisons for nonviolent offenders.