A great many people contributed to the successful completion of this publication. First, I want to thank the learners who gave us their stories and allowed us to publish them. For many of them, it was difficult to go so public with some of their personal trials and successes, but all wanted to contribute in hopes that their stories might inspire and encourage others who need literacy help.

I want to thank the teachers/tutors of these learners for helping us to collect the stories and the photos and for encouraging and supporting their learners as well as nominating them for the awards.

Special thanks to Paul Heavenridge, Jane Curtis, Raymond Fox, Caroline Dobison, Venice Jenkins, and Bill Hammond for contributing their talents and expertise and working so hard to pull all the pieces together in order that this book could be completed.

A special thanks to California's State Collaborative Literacy Council for their support in this and all efforts of our State Literacy Resource Center. They have seen first hand the role learners can and should play in their own literacy education and have encouraged this publi-cation and other activities which lead to the empowerment of these adults.

And finally, thanks to all the adults in California who have come forward as adults to change their lives and the lives of those around them by addressing their literacy needs, especially those who have made that transition from adult learner to leader through their active involvement in their own programs, families, and communities.

Dr. Carole Talan, Director
State Literacy Resource Center of California
September 1996