I-CANS Graphic
Chapter 1
Personal Management for the Job
Picturing Success
Hank's Story
Difficult People
Getting Along with Difficult People
Goals Worksheet
The Rodney Young Story
Guideline to Successful Applications
Sample Application for Employment
Application Questions
Describing You
The Job Interview
Interview Evaluation
Steps to Interviewing
Common Interview Questions
Answering Tough Questions
You Are the Boss
What's Going On?
Assess Your Style
Values Clarification
Time Management Assessment
Time Log
Making Changes
Generating Possibilities
Making Change a Part of My Life
The Four P's
Family Job Tree
Job Tree Worksheet
Finding Out About Work
My Kind of Work
Skills and Attributes Inventory #1
Skills and Attributes Inventory #2
What I Like in a Job
What I Like in a Job Worksheet
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Credit
The Cost of Credit
Looking for a Place to Live
What Does Money Mean to You?
Saving Money
Financial Institutions
Savings Survey
Purchasing Goal Sheet
Fixed or Flexible Expenses?
Federal Laws
What Form of Discrimination Is It?
Employee Rights/Employer Rights
Comparing Means of Transportation
To Your Health
How Is Your Health?
Hazards of Working
Preventing Accidents on the Job