I-CANS Graphic
Chapter 5: Group Effectiveness
Group Effectiveness
Find Someone Who...
Assessing Your Listening Ability
How Do Good Listeners View the World?
What Values Do These Listeners Possess?
You Are Going to Move!
Language Use
My Autobiography Worksheet
Positive Feedback
My Automatic Pilot
What Needs to Happen First?
Cultural Awareness Self-Assessment Form 1
Cultural Awareness Self-Assessment Form 2
Cultural Awareness Self-Assessment Form 3
Cultural Awareness Self-Assessment Form 4
Eight Instances of Cultural Discomfort
What to Do with Reading
Is This Sexual Harassment?
Steps to Stopping Sexual Harassment on the Job
What Is Your Negotiation Style?
The Pros and Cons of Your Negotiation Strategy
Guidelines to Negotiating Conflict
Steps to Resolving Conflict with Others
Ethics and Business
Negotiation Role-Play Rating Sheet
How to Ask for What You Want
Promotion Role-Play Assessment
Successful Teams
What Is Your Teamwork Style?
Country Puzzle
Country Puzzle Solution
The Stages of Group Development
Leadership Self-Assessment