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Multi-voting is a way to select the most important items from a brainstormed list with limited discussion and difficulty. It is accomplished by a series of voting rounds, usually 2 or 3, which cut the list of items in half with each vote. It usually occurs after a brainstorming session in which many items have been identified.


1. Generate a list of items and number the list.

2. If 2 or more items seem very similar, combine them after obtaining group agreement.

3. If necessary, renumber the items.

4. Give each member a number of votes equal to at least 1/3 of the total number of items on the list.

5. Conduct 1st voting round and eliminate items with the fewest votes. If it is a small group, cross off items with only 1.2 votes; if it is a medium size group, cross off any items with 3 or fewer votes; if it is a large group, cross off items with 4 or fewer votes.

6. Continue this process for 1.2 more voting rounds until the list is small enough to select a specific item for further work.

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