I-CANS Graphic

Chapter 4: Thinking Skills
Thinking Skills

The Job Site
Part 1: The Job Site
Part 2: The Job Site
Part 3: The Job Site
What's the Problem?
Part 4: The Job Site
Cause & Effect Analysis: Fishbone Diagram
Action Plan
The Foreman
Closing the Gap: Force Field Analysis

Part 6: The Job Site
Part 7: The Job Site
Driving Is Such a Hassle

Brainstorming Warmup
Brainstorming Assessment
Learning to Question
The Why Game
It Really Bothers Me When...
Too Many Rooms, Not Enough Time!

The Pareto Chart
What Would You Do in These Situations?
Consensus Guidelines
Unexpected Visitors
Compare and Contrast
The Affinity Diagram
Process Flow Charts: Some Common Symbols
The Cause and Effect Diagram
Lou's Dilemma

The Past and Future Search
Crime in the Community
What's Your Problem-Solving Style?
Developing Criteria