I-CANS Graphic

Chapter 3: Learning to Learn
Learning to Learn
How Do You Learn Best?
Learning My Way
Learning Style Indentification Exercise 1
Learning Style Indentification Exercise 2
Graph Your Modality Style
Which Teacher Would You Choose?
Global or Analytical
Hints for the Global and Analytical
The Ranch
The Ranch Solution
My Environmental Preferences
Comparing and Contrasting Our Environmental Preferences
Environmental Scenarios
Time Management Assessment
Time Log
Giving and Receiving Feedback on Your Work
Giving Feedback Effectively
Difficult People
Tips on Getting Along with Difficult People
Steps to Resolving Conflict with Others
Consensus Guidelines
Organizing Information Sequentially
The Pros and Cons of a Situation
Comparing and Contrasting Information
What Do They Have Going for Them? Against Them?
Using Evaluation Skills