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Tutor Tip of the Month

Helping Learners Prepare for the Driverís Test

A frequent goal for learners is to take (and pass!) the driver’s test and get a license. Brian of San Francisco’s Project Read provides for the following tips for tutors:

Driver’s Test Print Outs
Ask the literacy program for photocopies of Regular Driver Class C tests. Many people have found them most helpful.

DMV Website
The CA DMV website is a little hard to navigate but has lots of helpful information including up to date versions of the driver handbooks, a very handy interactive guide called Driving Knowledge Tutorial, and samples of the regular, commercial, and motorcycle written tests. It currently has 5 sample mini-tests of 10 questions each for the Class C License. You can get to the sample tests directly at or from the center link on the Project Read Learning Lab Links page (on all of our lab computers or by going to and clicking on “Learning Lab Links” near the bottom).

Listen Up
The DMV offers several alternative ways to take the written test including an audio test where it is played from a cassette tape and a person-to-person version where the examiner asks the questions aloud. Vroom!

Source: The Spring 2007 Newsletter of Project Read

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