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Tutor Tip of the Month

Celebrate Library Week

As regular library users, every week may feel like Library Week! However, one week a year is designated as National Library Week. In 2008, the dates are April 13-19.

The occasion provides a nice opportunity for some nice opportunities for learner/tutor sessions. Some learner activity ideas include:

  1. Write a thank-you note for the city council, library board, or others who support the literacy program at the library through money or advocacy.

  2. Invite someone who has never visited the library to a personal tour with you.

  3. Donate a book you love to the library’s collection.

  4. Visit a senior housing complex and offer to read aloud to someone who has developed poor eyesight or would like some company.

  5. Write a poem about the library. Any style of poem will do!

  6. Research the history of libraries in the United States. (Did you know that the first free publicly-supported library in the U.S. was founded in Boston?)


Happy Library Week!


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