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Tutor Tip of the Month

Wondering what to write? Use a prompt

Even the most prolific writers will find themselves staring at a blank page or screen, at a loss for what to write. Writing prompts can be helpful launching points for a quick write, paragraph practice, essay, or story writing.

Many web pages offer suggestions of prompts. For example:

  1. Writer’s Digest offers more than 52 ideas – at least one for every week of the year – on its web site:

  2. The Teacher’s Corner has one for every day of the school year:

  3. The Exercises and Advice section of’s Fiction section has a collection of prompts and other writing practice resources:
An online search for “writing prompt” will generate pages of results. You can target your search based on your learner’s writing level and interests.

One reminder: The prompt is just a jumping off point. The writer need not stick to the topic (unless that is part of the assignment) if inspiration flows in a different direction.



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