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Tutor Tip of the Month

Holidays Are For Stories

Gatherings of friends and family often lead us to recall stories about the past. This is especially true for Thanksgiving and winter holiday celebrations.

You can tap into this opportunity and help learners practice their writing, interviewing, typing, and spelling skills. For example:

- The learner can interview a family member about a memorable holiday celebration in the past. Before the interview, you can work together to write out the questions. If a portable tape recorder is available, this can be helpful for the interview, reducing the pressure of needing to record the answers. If a family member is not available, the learner can interview the tutor, another learner, or a member of the program staff.

- Once the interview is complete, the learner can type up the interview. This can also lead to discussions of the grammar and expressions we use when we speak compared to the way we express ourselves in writing.

- A next step can be to take the interview and turn it into an essay or short story.

Here is a link to another activity idea from an Adult Basic Skills class:


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