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Tutor Tip of the Month

New Resource: Statewide Literacy Hotline

Where can you call for referrals to literacy programs? 1-888-SOS-READ!

This is the number for a new statewide hotline to refer potential learners and tutors to literacy programs in their areas. Calls are toll-free.

As part of the statewide effort to increase awareness of literacy services, Bay Area Literacy has adopted the state hotline as its referral number. BALit’s former hotline (888-740-READ) is no longer active.

So, when someone asks you how to locate a literacy program, just tell them: Call 888-SOS-READ (1-888-767-7323)! Thank you.

Other ideas to promote literacy awareness:

  • Make sure schools in your community know what literacy services are available for the families they serve.

  • Invite your local literacy program to present to your service or community organization or book group.

  • Offer to help your local program with outreach. Programs often have few staff and large communities in which to conduct outreach.

  • Learn about literacy issues. (Literacyworks is a good place to start:

  • Ask your local program if you can conduct a book or supply drive at your workplace, faith community, school, or neighborhood.

  • Volunteer as a tutor.

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