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Tutor Tip of the Month

Declarations of Independence

Learners who struggle with writing may take comfort that the writers of the Declaration of Independence went through many drafts before settling on the final document.

This does not mean that we have to start from scratch every time we need to write someone a note or a letter. If a learner has something he or she writes frequently, such as notes for his or her child’s school, you can create a template. You can sit together and list all of the reasons notes are written and then draft a multipurpose note, highlighting where wording would vary based on the purpose and supplying the wording.

A similar process will often work for writing required at work.

The goal is more than having something to copy, however. Independence comes from learning, over time, to use the note template as a building block, so that words can be changed and substituted with confidence. In the beginning, learners should feel very comfortable asking for feedback of their notes. They are in good company, including that of the “founding fathers.”


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