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Tutor Tip of the Month

Teaching is Learning

“Teaching . . . can be likened to a conversation in which you listen to the speaker carefully before you reply.” Marie Clay

When we strive to teach, we often learn a great deal ourselves – about the subject, about ourselves, and from those we are teaching. Tutoring in particular is about give-and-take. Working as partners in learning, allows both parties to be learners.

We encourage you to listen to your learner. Rather than being tied to a lesson plan or agenda, respond to the questions and direction the learner may find in the topic. As long as learning is happening in the process, the outcome is adding to the cumulative growth of knowledge and also demonstrating to the learner that he or she has a part to play in her learning. Students in school are sometimes turned-off because they are talked at, rather than talked with. You can demonstrate that learning is a fun process that is dynamic and filled with exploration.

Thank you for sharing your time and being part of learning.


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