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Tutor Tip of the Month

Make a Year-End Top 10 List

The end of the year is the time for roundup lists: top films of the year, top newsmakers of the year, the most memorable moments, and on and on and on. This makes it the perfect time to create a Top 10 list of your own.

The activities of December invite reflection on the months that have passed. Utilize this time to brainstorm with your learner the top ten things he or she has learned or accomplished this year with regard to literacy. They can be small and big. Finally remembering how to spell or pronounce an especially challenging word belongs on the list. So does completing a piece of important reading.

Reviewing the achievements of the year and writing them out will also lead to a list of items to review or work on in the year to come. Think together about what kind of list to aim for next year.

Celebrate these victories of the year. Typing the list and utilizing the borders, fonts, and graphics on the computer can provide another occasion to practice computer skills.

Even if you and your learning partner are newly matched, you can celebrate what has been accomplished so far!

If making this list is fun, make lists on other themes.

Happy New Year!


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