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Tutor Tip of the Month

Summer Travels

For many, summer is a time for travel and exploration, whether that means visiting somewhere new where you live, taking a drive for the day, or venturing somewhere far and new.

Taking a trip, even within a town, takes planning, research, and skills. Here are a few topics you and your learner may want to explore together this summer:

1) Reading and using maps
Even with all the online tools that map our routes for us, sometimes we need to use paper maps to get where we need to go. Shopping centers and large complexes also have maps and knowing the conventions, such as knowing to look for the “you are here” spot, is a huge help to getting around.

2) Using the Internet for travel research
Some ideas for activities include searching for airfares or accommodations, using price comparison tools, looking for cultural information about a place, practicing currency conversion, and using online mapping tools.

3) Understanding newspaper weather reports
Newspaper weather forecasts are filled with abbreviations and symbols. Some of these, like a shining sun, are easy to identify. Others, like the wind currents, are less clear.

4) Reading and using bus and train schedules
Plan sample trips. Look at how lines fit together. Discuss signs to watch for and how to tell where to wait, to buy tickets, and navigate stations.

5) Forms and small print: Rental car agreements, hotel agreements, and plane tickets
Even the most confident reader can grow less sure when faced with these forms and agreements. Try to get some sample forms and review them together. This could be a great exercise for a group of learners and tutors because you could share your knowledge based on experience and work together to sort out the fine print.

6) Enjoying travel tales - Reading them or writing your own!
You can find these in the travel section of the library. Fiction and nonfiction are also great places to look for biographies, as well as short stories and books set in places of interest.

A starter set of online resources:

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