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Tutor Tip of the Month

Writing Your Own Story

February is a month that encourages us again and again to review history, whether of African Americans or of presidents. This encouragement is also an enticement to explore one’s own history, something that can certainly motivate and inspire learning.

Consider spending some tutoring sessions exploring with your learner the history of your town, your learner’s family tree or cultural background, or even your learner’s life. You could work together on a narrative about the topic or recording memories to pass on to children or to other members of your learner’s family.

Research can also be part of the adventure, utilizing the Internet and printed materials. This could be a nice opportunity to engage others in the community or your learner’s family; work with your learner to prepare questions to ask and then the learner can interview someone about his or her story.

Making history personal and current shows us all that history is not only given to us. We are part of history, we can make history, and it is there for us to explore and understand with our own unique perspectives.


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