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Tutor Tip of the Month

Meeting Goals for the Family Member Role

From San Mateo Project Read

In their role as family members, learners can accomplish a number of goals, including discussing family dynamics, interaction and child rearing, such as control of TV programs. Encourage learners to keep in touch with their children’s schools – check on their schedules and achievements. Also ask if they are reading to their children, encouraging their children to read and taking them to the library frequently. To help find summer classes for their children, go through the city’s Parks & Recreation catalogue together.

Health is a big family matter. Discuss health-related issues, such as arthritis, colds, allergies, insect bites, vitamins, medications and nutrition. Research and learn about topics of interest together. Help learners to develop independence in decision-making regarding health issues. Go over medical insurance coverage; read the information and discuss what it means for them.

Find out how else they want to support their family members and brainstorm things you can read, research and role play together to meet their goals.

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