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Tutor Tip of the Month: Tips for Generating Writing

(from the Alameda Free Library’s Alameda Reads Program)

Many tutors find planning the writing activity part of a tutoring session challenging. Perhaps we have to ask ourselves why writing is an important part of the reading process. It is a way that the reader can apply and extend what he/she has just read.

Reading authority, Lucy McCormack Calkins, says in her book The Art of Teaching Reading, “…we hope to show…that readers write about their reading because writing helps them think more deeply and generates good conversations. I’m careful to stress that writing is not about recording the conversations we have already had, but about pushing these conversations further, sparking future conversations.”

Learners should be encouraged to approach writing as an opportunity to reflect on and question what has been read, rather than as a rote recording of what the author has stated in print. As a tutor, be aware of the many times and ways you will be able to model this type of expression when you participate in shared writing with your learner.

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