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Tutor Tip of the Month: Word Play

(Courtesy of Alameda Adult Literacy)

Fun with words! As the holidays approach, the weather gets cold and things get hectic, so take some time with your student to play a little.

Word play increases knowledge of different word patterns and improves one’s ability to manipulate words and word chunks. Of course, this leads to stronger reading and writing! Here are some ideas:

  • Use magnetic words to make sentences or poems. (These words come in sets sold in bookstores and gift shops for making poetry on the refrigerator.) Another option would be to cut words out of the newspaper or write words on slips of paper and rearrange them.

  • Select words from your reading and play Hangman.

  • Play Boggle or Scrabble. (You’ll be surprised at how well they do.)

  • Take the word Thanksgiving or other holiday word and see how many words can be created using the letters.

  • Check out this web site and create a personalized word search or criss-cross puzzle.

  • Be creative! Make up your own word fun. Maybe your learner will have some ideas.

  • See what word play books and games are available in the literacy program office or in the library.

Happy learning!

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