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Tutor Tip of the Month: Summer Days

(Courtesy of the Livermore/Pleasanton Read Project)

Is summer distracting you? Feeling the need to do something different? Here are a few ways to break up the monotony of your lessons, yet still improve reading and writing skills.

  • Go to a movie together, discuss it, and then write a movie review.

  • Enjoy a few laughs and read a tabloid together.

  • Read a cookbook. Choose a recipe and try it out.

  • Read some travel brochures and plan a dream vacation.

  • Take a field trip to a grocery, discount or department store. Write about a new product or item of clothing you’re learner would like to buy.

  • Have your lesson outside. Walk around and name as many plants, objects, etc. as you can. Look up a plant’s name in a gardening book in the library.

  • Read the comics in the newspaper (don’t forget the political ones on the Editorial Page) or a book of comics, or write your own.

  • Have your learner teach you one week. Learn a bit of his or her language or culture, something new to cook or something that is his or her hobby.

  • Use the Internet as an instructional tool. One resource is It has short articles and reading comprehension exercises.

  • Pretend you have taken a trip to an exotic locale, and write each other postcards describing what you are doing and seeing.

  • Dream up some more fun and adventures!


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