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Tutor Tip of the Month: Sending greeting cards

It is the time of year when leaners may want to express their appreciation to friends and family by sending thank you notes or adding a personal message to a greeting card.

Tutors at Contra Costa County's Project Second Chance have found that the idea becomes less intimidating when they explain that notes can follow a formula.

For example:


Dear __________,

Thank you for the __________.

I really liked it (them) because ___________.

I was so pleased that you remembered me on ___________.

(Love), (Sincerely,)

Another idea is to encourage your learner to just write what they want to say to the person on an extra piece of paper without worrying about spelling or grammatical errors. Once they have written the note, the learner and tutor can work together to edit it. Then the learner can copy it onto the card.

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