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Tutor Tip of the Month: Using the Phone Book

Many students benefit from getting familiar with the basic information found in a phone book, and from knowing how to use it. Some students can do the activity almost independently; others will need to work through almost every question with a tutor right beside them. Have your student find, and write down, the answers to these questions. If reversals are a problem ("53" gets treated as "35"), encourage your student to move his finger under the digits to help with accuracy.

1. If a fire breaks out, what number do you call?

2. What is the phone number of a friend?

3. What is the number of a Round Table Pizza near you?

4. What is the number of the Kaiser (or other local) hospital?

5. If you have carpentry project in mind, what are the numbers of two places near you that sell wood?

6. If you want the police to come right away, what number do you call?

7. What is the number of the elementary school near you?

8. You have a friend who has moved to your area since the phone book was printed. How can you get her number?

9. What is the area code for Boise, Idaho?

10. Your dog has disappeared. What is the number of Lost and Found Pets Program?

Don't forget to check the front pages of the phone book to find all kinds of information about your community!

(Adapted from Games and Butterflies by Katherine Kennedy and from the Benicia Literacy Newsletter and the Project Second Chance [Contra Costa County] Newsletter.)

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