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Tutor Tip of the Month

As tutors and teachers, we're always on the lookout for great new ideas. If you've been doing something innovative or just plain fun and useful with your learners, let us know! We'll put up the best tips we receive every month.


December 2009
Celebrate and Take Stock

November 2009
Understanding Health Information

October 2009
Celebrate Banned Books

September 2009
National Punctuation Day

August 2009
Free Online Tutor Training Lessons

April 2009
Shared Poetry Writing

March 2009

February 2009
Using the Web to Advance Goals


September 2008
Inspiring Voices

August 2008
Interviewing Practice

July 2008
Succeeding at Goal Setting

June 2008
Helping Learners Prepare for the Driver’s Test

May 2008
Getting Dollar Savvy

April 2008
Celebrate Library Week

March 2008
Engage with the News!

February 2008
Wondering what to write? Use a prompt

January 2008
To Do Lists


December 2007
Web Literacy Tips

November 2007
Holidays Are For Stories

October 2007
New Resource: Statewide Literacy Hotline

September 2007
Reading Changes Lives

August 2007
Selecting A Children's Book

July 2007
Declarations of Independence

June 2007
Summer Travel: Using Maps and Online Travel Tools

May 2007
Pacing your Lesson

April 2007
Teaching is Learning

March 2007 New
Strengthening One’s Voice:
Advocating for Yourself & Others

February 2007
Moving Ahead From What We Know

January 2007
Making the Most of New Year’s Literacy Resolutions


December 2006
Make a Year-End Top 10 List

November 2006
Making Card-writing Easier

October 2006
Exercising Poetic License

September 2006
When Children Return to School, So Do Parents

August 2006
Making long sentences more friendly

July 2006
Great Books – Reviews by learners for learners

June 2006
Summer Travels

May 2006
Vocabulary Expanding Activities

April 2006
Getting Ready for Tax Season 2007

March 2006
Does Spring Make You Want to Sing?

February 2006
Writing Your Own Story

January 2006
Using Form Poetry To Get Learners Writing


December 2005
Building Our Vocabularies

November 2005
Cooking up Literacy!

October 2005
Primetime News for Learners

September 2005
It’s Literacy Month!

August 2005
Word Games

July 2005
Dental Health, Dental Literacy

June 2005:
A Grammar Lesson A Day

May 2005:
Meeting Goals for the Family Member Role

April 2005:
Helping Learners Reach Their Goals, Part II

March 2005:
Helping Learners Reach Their Goals

February 2005:
Finding Time to Study

January 2005:
Spelling Strategies


December 2004:
Letting the Student Teach

November 2004:
Finding Learners' Reading Levels

October 2004:
Health Literacy Month

September 2004:
Literacy Day is Every Day!

August 2004:
Summer Traveling

July 2004:
Financial Literacy: Project Money

June 2004:
Working with Learner Goals

May 2004:
Getting Into the News

April 2004:
Celebrate Poetry Month!

March 2004:
Recording New Words: A New Trick

February 2004:
Tips for Generating Writing

January 2004:
Visiting a Museum -- Virtually!


December 2003:
Have You Been to the Tower of English?

November 2003:
Learning Ideas from Time to Read

October 2003:
Health Literacy: You Deserve to
Be Understood and to Understand!

September 2003:
Photojournalism -- Making Pictures Come to Life

August 2003:
Reading and Writing Ideas

July 2003:
Tips from Tutors

June 2003:
Pronunciation and Accuracy in Reading

May 2003:
Using a Thesaurus

April 2003:
Using Questions to Focus on Text

March 2003:
How to Pick a Children's Book

February 2003:
What Does "Learning Disability" Mean?

January 2003:
So Many Letters!


December 2002:
Talking Literacy

November 2002:
Word Play

October 2002:
Finding the Answers: Election Time

September 2002:
Turning the Tables

July 2002:
Summer Days

June 2002:
Loosening Your Grip on Your Teaching Plan
and Having More Fun!

May 2002:
Improve Your Listening Skills

April 2002:
Inspire Participation

March 2002:
Newspaper Scavenger Hunt

February 2002:
Using Songs

January 2002:
Time Management

December 2001 :
Sending Greeting Cards

October 2000:
Using the Phone Book