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Tutor Training Workshop
Project Read-San Mateo
San Mateo Public Library

Being a volunteer tutor:

Position: The volunteer tutor plans and implements one-to-one tutoring sessions for adult students.


  • Attend eighteen hours of literacy training.
  • Complete initial contact with student after necessary information is given by the PROJECT READ staff.
  • Report back to staff after first tutoring session.
  • Meet regularly and punctually with student two times per week, for a minimum of six months.
  • Prepare lessons aimed at student's needs and interests.
  • Report to PROJECT READ staff regularly as to student's progress and schedule changes.
  • Meet at least quarterly with other tutors for in-service training programs.
  • Notify PROJECT READ coordinator if problems arise or of student is not showing up for sessions.
  • Keep a sense of humor!
  • Respect the students as courageous adults who are asking for help to upgrade their skills and their sense of worth.
  • Be Discreet. When discussing your tutoring experience, do not use your student's identity. Honor our clients' trust and wishes for confidentiality.


  • Able to read and write.
  • Dependable and prompt.
  • Strongly motivated to work with functionally illiterate adults*.
  • Sensitive to our adult clients' need for compassion and for a tutor who is patient, optimistic and friendly.

* A functionally illiterate adult is one who cannot read and write, or who cannot read or write well enough to function in society at the level which he or she desires. Often, these adults cannot read a menu, a job application, a newspaper or the instructions on their children's medicine bottle. The majority of students read at a level between the third and fifth grade and their writing skills are equal to or less than that of their reading.

If this sounds like an opportunity for you, we would love to hear from you. Call us at 650-650-522-7848, or visit us online.

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