Antes de Mis Padres:
New Mexico History and Researching
Your Own Family History on the Internet


You can trace your own family name using information available on the Internet and in written records. But first you must understand about "family trees" and "pedigree charts." In this section you will learn how pedigree charts can be helpful in genealogical research. You will construct a chart for your own family and explore several Internet sites containing information on Hispanic genealogy in New Mexico. This section concludes with an exploration of several interesting Internet sites concerned with New Mexico history.

Understanding Pedigree Charts
Learn how to construct a pedigree chart for your family

Exploring Genealogy on the Internet
Learn how to use genealogical sites on the Internet to research family histories.   Meet Juan Gonzales Bas and the Castellano family.

Exploring New Mexico History Sites
Learn about the history of New Mexico and discover what you can do in your community to contribute to our knowledge of  New Mexico's past.

Understanding Pedigree Charts

Make your Family's Pedigree Chart

Start by printing this page and fill in the blanks in the chart below with your family information. Start with yourself and then fill in your parents and grandparents. Try to go back as far as you can.

pedigree.GIF (3318 bytes)

Now fill in the dates of birth below:

Yourself _____________________
Father _____________________
Mother _____________________
Father's Side Grandfather _____________________
Grandmother _____________________
Great-Grandfather _____________________
Great-Grandfather _____________________
Mother's Side Grandfather _____________________
Grandmother _____________________
Great-Grandfather _____________________
Great-Grandfather _____________________


Exploring Genealogy on the Internet

Meet Juan Gonzales Bas

How Old Are You Really?

The Castellano Legacy in New Mexico

Tell the World Who You Are

Links to New Mexico History Sites

Exploring Other New Mexico History Sites:

What Happened That Day in 1849 in Springer, New Mexico?

Pope the Medicine Man

One of New Mexico's Unknown Heroes

What Can You Do To Contribute To Our Knowledge Of New Mexico Genealogy?

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