How Old Are You Really?

Now you will use the Great New Mexico Pedigree Database to find information about ancestors with your family name. You will research the database to find the first record of your name in New Mexico. If you do not have a Hispanic surname, you might wish explore a name such as "Martinez," or another Hispanic name that interests you.

Print this page to help you as you navigate the site.  Also, remember to bookmark this page to return to it when you are done.

1. Go to the web site at this address: .

2. On the HGRC main page find and click on "Great New Mexico Pedigree Database."

3. Go down the page and click again on "Great New Mexico Pedigree Database."

4. On the "Index of Surnames" page, try to find your last name in the list.

5. If you find your last name, click on it.

6. On the "Index of Persons" page find a person with your last name that lived in the 1600s. 


Fernando GONZALES BAS (1736 - )
Gaspar GONZALES BAS ( - )
Gregoria GONZALES BAS (1713 - )
Jose Nerio GONZALES BAS (12 MAY 1759 - )
Juan GONZALES BAS (I) (1643 - 1678)
Juan GONZALES BAS (III) (10 JAN 1710 - )
Juan GONZALES BAS (II) (1668 - 14 NOV 1743)
Juan Angel GONZALES BAS ( - 6 APR 1741)
Juana GONZALES BAS (30 JUL 1701 - )

7. Click on that person.

8. Go down the page and find the pedigree chart for that person with your last name.

9. Find that person's oldest ancestor and click on them.

10. Repeat step 8 for that person.

11. Keep clicking on the oldest ancestor with your name until you find the oldest of all.


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