Meet Juan Gonzales Bas

Now you will go to a website on the Internet and find out about one of the early Gonzales families of New Mexico. This will help you to do research on the Internet.  

Start by printing this page to guide you in accessing the Internet site and in tracing the Gonzales Bas family.  It contains a blank pedigree chart for you to fill in.  Also, bookmark this page so that you can return to it easily when you are done with the exercise.  If your browser has a "Favorites" option, you can bookmark it that way.

1. Go to the web site at this address:

2. On the HGRC main page find and click on "Great New Mexico Pedigree Database."

3. Go down the page and click again on "Great New Mexico Pedigree Database."

4. On the Index of Surnames page find and click on "GONZALES BAS." You can get there quickly by clicking on the "G" section of the alphabet.

5. On the Index of Persons page find and click on "NEXT" (Juan GONZALES BAS is on the next page).

5. On the next page find and click on "Juan GONZALES BAS (I)."

6. Go down the page and find the pedigree chart with Juan GONZALES BAS. The chart will tell you the names of his father and mother. Write their names in the chart along with their dates and places of birth and death if they are known. By clicking on their names, you will be taken to additional charts with their ancestors. At some places you will see a heading called "Family 1." Next to this is the name of the person's husband or wife, and listed beneath that person's name  are the names of their children. Trace the family tree as far back as you can go. You won't be able to fill in all blanks since the information is incomplete, but do as much as you can. Along the way, you will discover interesting things about this family. 

7. Record your information in the chart below. When you are done, return to "Exploring Genealogy on the Internet" and continue with "How Old Are You Really?"

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