Welcome to a site that takes you on a journey through New Mexico's history! 

Along the way you will learn about the history of common family names in New Mexico and perhaps your own family's name.  You will also learn how to make a "family tree" and how to use the Internet to find out information about your own family history.

You will explore several interesting sites on the Internet that contain information about New Mexico history and the genealogy of common Hispanic names.

While these exercises are designed to be used by adult learners interested in improving their reading skills, they are appropriate for readers at any level as well as for anyone interested in learning about Hispanic genealogy and New Mexico's rich cultural history.

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Note: The New Mexico Coalition for Literacy has developed a set of workbooks to supplement this website. The workbooks contain extended reading passages with review exercises along with many of the Internet exercises found on this website. The workbooks are presented in three levels of reading difficulty and are appropriate for use by students with or without the assistance of tutors. The workbooks are available for download from this site in PDF format.

In PDF format (requires Acrobat Reader):
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